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Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that is essential for patients who have areas of bone loss around the jaw. Bone loss can often occur as a result of a variety of different conditions. From gum disease to having had extractions done, bone loss can cause your face to looks unken-in and make implants difficult or even impossible to place. Bone grafting can easily be done in our office when and if they are needed.

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The most common reason for needing bone grafting is because you have areas of bone loss around your jaw. Gum disease is an incredibly common condition that can cause bone loss over time. Likewise, having teeth removed can eventually have an impact on the bone underneath. In either case, a bone grafting is essential if you’re planning on having implants placed or wearing a denture.


To determine if you might need bone grafting done, we will conduct both an exam and take x-rays. The x-rays can help alert us if there are areas of bone loss around the jaw and if so, the best way to go about placing the new bone material. We will consult with you to determine the best course of action when placing the bone and having the procedure done in our office.


The first step is to consult with you and determine what type of bone material is right for your needs. We will then administer a sedative of your choice and make an incision through the gums. The bone material is placed and a bone growth factor is applied to the area to help the bone blend well with the surrounding material. Once the bone has healed and fused with its surrounding area, we will schedule you to come in for an implant or to have a new denture made. Bone grafting surgeries are easy, quick and help to improve the look of your smile.

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Leonard S.

Very considerate care in my procedure. I was a little anxious but Dr. G made me feel more comfortable and at ease.

John A.

It was great. The staff was polite and very helpful and the dentist explained what she had to do and she was gentle doing her work with no pain. I called them and explained my problem of an old filling falling out and they fit me into their schedule the same day.

Kym H.

Dr. G and staff made me feel so comfortable! Alexis was the best! Restored my faith in Dentist!! Will be returning !!

Stephen M.

Quick and easy to set up an appointment. Found a cavity during an appointment and was able to get in the next morning to get it taken care of before leaving town. Very helpful and professional staff.