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At Bright Choice Dental, we are proud to offer the latest in dental treatments and technology. With an experienced team of dental professionals, you’ll receive top-quality care for your oral health needs in our welcoming dentistry clinic near you. If it’s been a while since your last check-up or you are simply looking for a new dentist, you can be certain the team at Bright Choice Dental provides a caring and compassionate experience.
Your comfort is our most important goal! Bright Choice Dental provides a comfortable environment while giving you the best dental care available. We begin with a welcoming waiting area, serviced by an extremely knowledgeable office team. We then lead you into our dental exam rooms where you can relax and watch T.V. while seated in your chair. While in your chair, you’ll be greeted and cared for by our expert dentist, dental hygienists, and the rest of the Bright Choice Dental team!
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Advanced Technology:

At Bright Choice Dental you’ll find a visit to your dentist isn’t what it used to be. Technology advancements have made it possible to detect problems earlier; provide better, more comfortable treatment; and reduce pain and anxiety you may have associated with dental care in the past.

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Preventative Care:

Preventative dentistry is the practice of dental techniques for the purpose of reducing the risk of dental disorders such as tooth decay or gingivitis. At Bright Choice Dental we these preventative techniques to stop problems before they happen, to keep you from experiencing pain and to save you money. Please visit our new patient section if this is your first time here. Also, you can simply contact us if you have any additional needs.

What Bright Choice Dental Patients Are Saying

Top Dentist in Upper Darby, PA

Leonard S.

Very considerate care in my procedure. I was a little anxious but Dr. G made me feel more comfortable and at ease.

John A.

It was great. The staff was polite and very helpful and the dentist explained what she had to do and she was gentle doing her work with no pain. I called them and explained my problem of an old filling falling out and they fit me into their schedule the same day.

Kym H.

Dr. G and staff made me feel so comfortable! Alexis was the best! Restored my faith in Dentist!! Will be returning !!

Stephen M.

Quick and easy to set up an appointment. Found a cavity during an appointment and was able to get in the next morning to get it taken care of before leaving town. Very helpful and professional staff.